Your vote matters

Published May 11, 2017 at 10:17

Having your say through the ballot box is always important.

Although much of the media would have us believe that the outcome of the general election on Thursday 8 June is a foregone conclusion, there is much to play for. Get involved now – with UNISON members, your colleagues, friends and family.

UNISON’s Public Service Champions campaign highlights the pressures on the vital services that affect our everyday lives after nearly 10 years of austerity.

There are three main things you can do:

1. Use our public services champions campaign to make sure public services are at the top of the political agenda.

Watch and share our videos highlighting the issues in our public services. Make your own film about what’s happening in your services. Find out more about the campaign

2. Make sure people you know register to vote by Monday 22 May. 

Some people you know may not have registered to vote. Just a nudge will help them make sure their voice is heard.

They can register to vote in person, by post or proxy here – register to vote.

There’s also a UNISON postcard you can use. Hand it out out at UNISON events, outside your workplace and use it to start conversations. Find it and other resources on the Public Service Champions campaign page

3. Have conversations – with members, your colleagues, friends and family.

Make sure they know how important this election is for public services. There could not be more at stake. A Conservative government with an increased majority will implement more cuts, resulting in an ever more challenging time for public services and those that provide them. But we know that more cuts would be deeply unpopular with the public.

Over the coming weeks we have an opportunity to spell out what this election means for the NHS, local government, our schools, policing and all our other public services. We must take it.

Use our election and public service champions resources to get talking and make the case.

And finally here’s a guide for activists and members, to help you use your influence in your local area – A guide to campaigning in the general election.

Register to vote before Monday 22 May

Apply for a postal vote before Tuesday 23 May

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