TUC reaches an agreement with the newly formed National Education Union on recruitment of school support staff

Published November 27, 2017 at 10:51

A TUC agreement has been reached between the support staff unions (UNISON, unite and GMB) and the National Education Union (NEU) which means that the NEU should not ‘actively of knowingly’ recruit support staff working in publicly funded schools (this covers maintained schools, academies, free schools and others).  Please find the detailed agreement here:  Click Link

The unions also agreed a brief joint statement to accompany the agreement to be sent out to officials and representatives of all relevant unions:

Joint union statement:

“Following discussions held under the auspices of the TUC, the NEU, UNISON, GMB and Unite have reached agreement on how they will work together and organise in publicly funded schools.

The National Education Union recognise that the GMB, UNISON and Unite are the only unions recognised for collective bargaining purposes within the NJC for Local Government Service and will not actively or knowingly recruit school support staff working in publicly funded schools or produce recruitment materials targeting these staff.

The National Education Union gives an assurance that it will not seek recognition and negotiating rights for support staff in publicly funded schools at local and national level.

GMB, UNISON and Unite accept that the National Education Union is recognised for collective bargaining for education staff on Soulbury terms and conditions and for Teachers in Residential Establishments.

As part of the agreement the unions have also agreed to work together in accordance with the accord with the TUC Disputes Principles and Procedures (2016 Edition), and a process for resolving issues that might arise between them.”

Please circulate this widely and make all representatives and members aware of the new agreement.  If you become aware of NEU officials or representatives recruiting  support staff in publicly funded schools please alert your regional officer and if necessary collate evidence for the education section at UNISON Centre: education@unison.co.uk

Yours sincerely

Jon Richards
National Secretary
Education and Children’s Services

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