Why join?

Many people join UNISON because they fear that one day something will go wrong at work and they will need the help of a union representative.UNISON’S reputation is built upon the experience of those members who have needed its help in the past. Every UNISON member has the right to seek help on matters relating to their work and be treated with respect.

People who join can expect:

  • To benefit from pay rises won by the branch
  • UNISON to constantly campaigning to bring women’s pay in line with men
  • Opportunities to learn new skills by attending courses
  • Receive a more generous maternity or paternity leave than the statutory minimum
  • To gain better compensation for injuries at work
  • Less chance of being discriminated against based on sex, race, age, disability or sexual orientation

Local case study

Heather White, Blackburn UNISON’s communications officer says:

“I think it is very important to be a part of a union as in my first ever job something happened to me and I had no one to talk to; at the very least the union office is that person to talk to who can give you advice and guidance and help you where it is needed.  It is like having an insurance policy; you hope you will never need to use it but it is there if you do.”

What is the cost to join?

Every member, wherever they work, receives the full range of benefits and services which includes:

  • Advice, support and help when you need it at work
  • Helpline open until midnight
  • Legal help for you and your family
  • Financial assistance and debt advice
  • Compensation for accidents or injuries at work
  • Discounts on shopping, buying insurance and holidays.

Your monthly subscription is dependent on how much you earn and ranges from £1.30 – £22.50. This can be deducted from your salary or paid by direct debit.

How can I get involved?

You can become or a member of the union or take more involvement by signing up as a representative for the workplace. There are four types of reps:

Workplace Contact:

  • Point of contact between  members and the branch
  • Recruits new members
  • Distributes information
  • Helps with branch organisation
  • Receives training to deal with workplace problems


  • Gets views of members
  • Recruits members and organises
  • Acts as spokesperson for their place of work
  • Accesses UNISON advice and information
  • Mentors
  • Receives training by UNISON

Union Learning Representative:

  • Works closely with the branch to promote learning
  • Raises awareness of lifelong learning issues in the workplace
  • Offers support and encouragement within the branch
  • Encourages learners to get involved in the branch

Health And Safety Representative:

  • Makes representations on behalf of members on health, safety or welfare matters
  • Inspects designated workplace areas
  • Investigates potential hazards, complaints and causes of accidents or diseases
  • Receives time off for paid training

Want to find out more?

If you want to become involved with Blackburn and Darwen’s UNISON branch, contact 01254 585220 or email:

You can also visit

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