Essential and casual car users and car parking charges consultation

Published September 22, 2015 at 13:15

UNISON is currently in consultation with Blackburn with the council in relation to essential and casual car users and car parking charges.

It is proposed that all current posts in the council will be reviewed by one director, one HR rep and one UNISON rep to see whether posts meet agreed criteria for each car user category.

Possible outcomes are that employees move to essential user rate, payable as of October 1 OR employees move from to casual or non/categorised, with the revised rate payable from January 1, 2016.

Employees will have a right to appeal should they consider the criteria has not been properly applied to their post.

The council is also reviewing car parking in the town centre, including staff arrangements.Currently, those classed as ‘essential’ users have 100% discount applied for car parking. Some others, not deemed’ essential users’ also have this 100% discount. The council proposes to introduce the revised car parking, effective of October 1:

  • Outer car park – £20 per month
  • Mall/Fielden Street and designated others – £40 per month

All staff will pay, however those deemed essential users under the new review, will pay half of these amounts.

UNISON would value your input into these proposed changes. Comments should be emailed to:

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