Don’t Lose your Vote – Sign Up For A Postal Vote

Published March 3, 2021 at 11:05




 UNISON members have been key workers during the Covid crisis. We have worked hard to keep this country going. We have every right to be proud of what we have accomplished, but we need politicians that listen to build on our efforts.

Throughout we have had to campaign hard for PPE, for testing, for health and safety at work and in some cases for sick pay to enable key workers to self-isolate.

After ten years of budget cuts, the pandemic has laid bare the crucial importance of the services we provide, but also the ill preparedness and chaotic response of our Government to meet such challenges.

Never has it been clearer that people on the front line of keeping this country safe and well need to be listened to. When we speak out, we need to be heard.

Yet the plain fact is, if we don’t have our say wherever we can, when the pressure is off, there is a danger that things will drift back to business as  before, we need a new normal. Public appreciation has not been matched by a political commitment to our future.

We need people representing us who really understand public services, who understand how hard it is for our families and who are committed to decent jobs.

So we need to register our views in every way we can. This includes voting in elections, starting this May.

 So don’t lose your vote. Vote Safely. Sign up for a postal vote.

 Vital elections in Lancashire are coming up in 2021.

UNISON members will have up to three votes; for our County Councillor, our Police and Crime Commissioner and our local District Council. This is the first true test of public opinion since the General Election in 2019.

 Life is busy and uncertain. Things can go wrong on the day and sometimes we miss the chance to have our say.

This is even more likely as the pandemic persists. You may be ill or have to self-isolate on polling day. You may be worried about going to a busy polling booth due to the virus.

Don’t take the risk of losing your voice! Sign up for a postal vote and make the post box the ballot box.

 Signing up for a postal vote is easy.

 Find out how on the Government website:

 You simply print off the form and send it to your local electoral office.

 Or contact your local electoral office:

 If you email your local Council electoral office, they will send you a postal vote application form to your home with a return envelope. If you return it, they will then confirm you are accepted as a postal vote.

 Either way you then just wait for the election and you will get your ballot paper at home.




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