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Published June 12, 2020 at 8:29

Black Lives Matter

Like me, I am sure you will have been disgusted by the events in America and yet another death of a black person in police custody.
As a movement and as trade unionists we need to anti-racist. In other words, we need to constantly challenge ourselves, hold ourselves up to the highest standard and fight hatred and discrimination wherever we find it.
The victimisation of anyone because of their race is an abhorrence that has no place in civilised society
As chair, I stand in solidarity with those peacefully protesting and who have shone a light on racism experienced by many across the world.
And as chair, I pledge to do what I can to fight oppression, speak out against racism and challenge discrimination wherever I find it, whether in the community, within our movement or even in our institutions. The branch will always listen and support members who face racial discrimination.
As a movement, we will play a key part in building a society where justice and equality is for all.

TUC education centre

I am sure you’ll have heard the extremely disappointing news that Blackburn College is looking to close the TUC education centre.
The impact of its closure would be devastating. Trained reps, especially trained health and safety reps, are needed more than ever.
The centre has provided high quality training and education to our reps for many years ensuring they can properly represent members.
If you haven’t done already, I urge you to write to the college opposing the closure or at the very least join hundreds of others and sign the petition.
Further details here:

Ben Greenwood, Branch Chair
(01254) 585181 or 07545429146

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