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Published October 12, 2016 at 11:33

Dear Colleagues

As a movement, we face a big challenge: What do to make our unions stronger, to remain relevant and respond to the threats.

We have put together our first Organising Conference in the region to bring together workplace activists and reps from across unions to hear what the challenges are and discuss what we can actually do about it in the schools, factories and offices across the North West. You can register here and a poster advertising the event is attached.

As part of the Conference, we will have an opening plenary session that includes:

  • Lynn Collins, North West TUC Regional Secretary talking about the work we are doing in the region
  • Carl Roper, TUC National Organiser, on the State of Union Organisation
  • Mel Simms, University of Leicester, on Young Workers and unions and the lessons learnt so far
  • Hannah Reed, Senior Employment Rights Officer, on the Trade Union Act

We will then use the rest of the conference to discuss what we will practically do. This includes workshops on:

  • Building Membership in the workplace – Carl Roper facilitating discussion onwhat can we do, what are unions doing currently and what practices can we share
  • How will the Trade Union Act affect workplaces – Hannah Reed on what work the TUC is doing to support reps and the PCS experience from Martin Cavanagh on check off, facility time and how to use this to organise
  • The Young Workers question – what is our response? – Mel Simms will facilitate discussion and we will hear about the TUC’s Reaching Out to Young Workers campaign launched at Congress recently

And then we want to help ensure reps and activists have the best support. So we will have skills sessions on:

  • Digital Campaigning
  • One-to-One conversations
  • Campaign Planning

So come along and join in the discussion and help make unions here in the North West stronger and ensure they remain effective for our hundreds of thousands of members.

Register here –

Jay McKenna

Campaigns & Policy Support Officer

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