Unison pays tribute to the people of Paris

Published November 18, 2015 at 15:06

UNISON has declared a national stance of solidarity with unions in France following the indiscriminate killings in Paris.

Speaking on behalf of the union, general secretary Dave Prentis told French colleagues, “We pay tribute to the people of Paris who opened their doors to those who were injured and stranded as a result of the killing spree.

“Special attention must be given to the brave public-service workers of Paris, including those in our sister unions, the CGT, FO and CFDT.

“The simple fearlessness of the medics and hospital staff, the ambulance crews, the police and fire fighters, is testament to the essential role public services play in society.

“It is during atrocities like this that we witness how crucial public services are, and the need to strengthen rather than weaken their provision.”

He went on to say that the union condemns all acts of terror but would not let siren voices divide  communities, adding that people need to come together to resolve a peaceful solution to end these conflicts.

“On behalf of UNISON’s members, we send our deepest sympathy to all those who lost their lives or loved ones, who were injured or traumatised, ” he concluded.

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