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Published July 7, 2016 at 9:55

Sometimes things move very quickly in politics: IDS gone, Osborne finished, Cameron The People's Assemblyresigned, Boris finished, Farage gone.

The Tories are in disarray. Earlier this year saw George Osborne’s austerity Budget collapse before the ink had dried and effectively put paid to his leadership bid. Ian Duncan Smith, the hated architect of the welfare reforms which were at the heart of the government austerity programme was forced to resign. The Panama Papers revelations caused outrage and calls for Cameron’s resignation as the super-rich were caught hiding their wealth in tax havens on an industrial scale.

These things would not have happened without a well organised anti-austerity movement.

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Our movement has achieved a lot over the course of the year

In April we organised a demonstration of over 150,000 which shut down central London as trade unionists, anti-austerity campaigners and others from across the country marched in support of the four demands ‘Health, Homes, Jobs and Education’

Sat 18 June saw the Convoy to Calais where hundreds of vehicles attempted to cross the channel and deliver much needed aid to refugees as well as sending a clear message to our government ‘Refugees Welcome Here’. However, French authorities refused to allow the Convoy to board the ferry and demonstrations saw the Port of Dover blocked for 2 hours and a protest at the French Embassy.

The EU referendum result has caused shockwaves across the political Establishment. David Cameron has been forced to resign with a bitter Tory leadership contest and the prospect of an early General Election.

We cannot however leave the fight against austerity to those in Parliament. Over the last few weeks we have seen orchestrated attacks against Jeremy Corbyn who has been a friend to our movement at a time when the focus should be on a weak and divided Tory government. This is why the People’s Assembly is so important.

On Saturday 16 July we are organising another national demonstration ‘End Austerity. No To Racism. Tories Out’ alongside Stand Up to Racism.

In October the Tories will be holding their Conference in Birmingham. We are organising a major counter-conference and a national demonstration right on their doorstep.

We need your support to continue

We have no rich backers, and our small office team is massively overstretched. Our regular income currently only adds up to half our regular outgoings.

We have a huge amount of work to do in a period of increasing uncertainty, but also a period of big opportunity if we are able to react quickly and effectively.

  • We are appealing to all our supporters to set up a small monthly donation to make sure we can continue to build a strong, powerful, movement for change.

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The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

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