Should fracking be allowed in our community?

Published June 21, 2016 at 11:26

Urgent Public Meeting, all welcome….it’s free!

Monday 27 June 7pm

The BUREAU – Centre for the Arts

St John’s Church, Victoria St, Blackburn, BB1 6DW

Speakers from Frack Free Lancashire, Keep East Lancashire Frack Free and Friends of the Earth – with discussion and Q and A

Blackburn and surrounding areas have been licenced for gas and oil exploration – which could lead to fracking, where wells are drilled vertically then horizontally, where chemically-laced water is pumped down at high pressure and explosives are used to release any gas.

Come along to this open public meeting to find out the facts, hear the latest evidence on environmental and community impacts of fracking, and talk to others in your community about how you can respond.

Where are the licences in East Lancashire?

What impact has there been on people and the environment in the US and Australia? Do studies reveal an increased risk of stillbirths and birth defects? Have animals been affected? Is our drinking water at risk, our land, our crops and the air we breathe? Will it bring jobs, cut energy bills or create more climate change? Will your insurer cover you against damage caused by earth tremors or clean up fracking contamination in flood-hit areas?

How can you respond?…what are your questions?

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