Report from the Community Conference 2018

Published March 28, 2018 at 12:25

Just a little report back on my experience from my first ever Conference.

This was held in Southport and was all about one of the most important things that I hold very close to my heart and that is community and for the people that work for private and charitable organisations. Unfortunately due to the weather it wasn’t a massive turnout but still it was organised very well and as many as the weather would allow it was quite well attended.

The greatest thing that stood out for me was the passion of people clearly having to deal with very un-just practises in their work places and for some just being able to speak about what their experiences have been and that we have some very experienced people leading the way for all of us who are dealing with the unfortunate demise in care.

I spoke on 4 motions ‘ very nerve racking’ but I was proud to part of this experience and being able to speak for many more.

The motions were titled ‘Raising the bar in North West Social Care’, ‘Training and Development for Lay Activists’, ‘Digital Organising Framework’, ‘Collective Sectoral Bargaining’.

Thank you to UNISON and the thousands of supporters across our communities in the North West and around the country. We are and will become louder and will be heard.

Thank you for everyone’s support, for guiding me and making my first time conference a great experience.

Janet Harrison

Community Officer

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