Peterloo Massacre March for Democracy, Sunday 18 August 2019

Published July 31, 2019 at 8:25

Please see attached poster.

Assembly point for Lancashire TUCs – Peterloo Massacre March for Democracy, Sunday 18 August 2019

All Lancashire TUCs are being asked to assemble with banners, etc., at 11.30am at the following location ready to move off at 12 noon for the march to Albert Square, Manchester:


ASSEMBLY POINT 10 – Peel Park, Salford University, The Crescent, Salford

Bolton Trades Council will take charge of this ‘Leg’, as the assembly point is close to Salford Crescent railway station where people from the Bolton and the Wigan area have met up over many years, the marchers who have walked the entire route from Bolton to accompany them for their final walk into Manchester City Centre and the annual Peterloo Massacre commemoration outside Manchester Central/ in Albert Square. The area in front of Salford Museum & Art Gallery is also a regular assembly/starting point for marches into Manchester City Centre by anti-fracking and climate campaigners.

Everyone from the Bolton & Wigan area is being encouraged to start from here and local meetings have been arranged in both Boroughs. There will also be a free coach from Bolton and other organised means of getting there.

Following a discussion with the NW TUCJCC Rep, GMATUC are also asking that all Trades Councils in all four North West Associations assemble here.



Confirmed speakers at this time

Matt Wrack (General Secretary, Fire Brigades Union)
Julie Ward MEP (North West Labour MEP)
Ian Hodson (President, Bakers, Food & Allied Workers’ Union)

Lynn Collins (Regional Secretary, North West TUC)
Owen Winter (Director, Make Votes Matter)
Marlene Walker (NHS Worker & Campaigner)

Pete Middleman (NW National Education Union)
Gina Dowding (North West Green Party MEP)
Ian Allinson (President, Manchester Trades Council)

Felicity Dowling (National Secretary, Left Unity)
Mark Krantz (Peterloo Historian & Political Activist)
NW Unison speaker (female speaker name yet to be confirmed)

Alan Davies (The Word Newspaper & Peterloo March for Democracy Organising Committee)

Presiding: Stephen Hall (President, GMATUC)

Speakers will be grouped into threes and limited to 7 minutes each. Each group of three will be ‘interspersed’ with entertainment provided by Joe Solo, Claire Mooney, Bard Company and Crispin Flintoff. There will also be entertainment at the end of the speakers.



As well as commemoration of the massacre and the reading out the names of those killed in 1819, and the 5-600 or more hundred injured, the themes of the march will be to look back at the massacre as the bloody beginning of a two hundred year struggle by the working people ‘THE MANY’ for democratic reform and a greater say in, and influence over, what goes on in Parliament as well as in wider society as a whole, in order to better reflect the interests of the majority, rather than the interests of ‘THE FEW’.

We also want to raise greater public awareness of the events which took place 200 years ago, and to celebrate working class political achievements since then.

As importantly, we want to encourage as widespread public debate as possible, on the type of demands and/or proposals ordinary working class people, in the here and now, might consider necessary to further stamp our overwhelming social predominance, on Britain’s current far from democratic political system, in the interests of the many rather than the few.

Some of the possible proposals we want to put up for discussion (this list is not exhaustive) to be included in a new Peterloo Charter for Democracy:

* Proportional representation for political parties in all elections
* The Peterloo Marchers’ and Chartists’ demand for Annual Parliaments
* Reducing the voting age to 16 and other extensions of the franchise
* Abolition of the House of Lords
* Greater democratic control of public services by the people
* A genuine democratic devoluton of power ( and financial resources) to the regions, cities and towns
* A greater say at work, including statutory trades union recognition
* A new written Constitution, Bill of Rights and Citizens’ Responsibilities

There will be a number of guest speakers on these and other issues from a range of organisations at the rally in Albert Square. Also public meetings across the country on the theme of democratic reform in the 21st Century to mark the bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre.


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