Labour Leadership Election

Published July 19, 2016 at 11:39


 Below is an email from UNISON National Labour Link to clarify the rules and time table of the Labour Leadership Election. I apologise for any delay in circulating, particularly given some of this information is already in the public domain. However, we had to be absolutely certain of the position before advising you of what can, or cannot be done. The information below was confirmed to our National Officers at a National Meeting of TULO (Trade Union Liaison Organisation – effective Trade Unions Affiliated to Labour) yesterday afternoon.

 The key points are (all subject to the exact wording below, please read in full):


 UNISON members can potentially vote in the ballot , without being a full party member, by virtue of their union membership if they also pay to our Affiliated Political Fund. UNISON Direct or the Branch can confirm from Membership Records if a member is paying the APF.

  • However, you only get a vote if you take one extra step and become an Affiliated Supporter. You must sign up on the party or union websites, as per above.


 Some members are already signed up and are existing Affiliated Supporters. Those who got a ballot paper in the 2015 Leadership Election and are still members of the union and still pay to  the APF should be ok. If in doubt, check via UNISON Direct.

  • Existing Affiliated Supporters, who joined UNISON on or before 12th January 2016, that is members who pay the APF and made that extra effort to sign up as an Affiliate Supporter of the Labour Party , will or should get a vote.



  • For those not already signed up. To qualify for a ballot paper as an Affiliated supporter, a UNISON member must have joined the union on or before 12th January 2016, and must pay the political levy to the Affiliated Political Fund (APF).  By virtue of paying that levy, there is no further cost to remaining or becoming an Affiliate Supporter.
  • New Affiliated Supporters – that is APF members who sign up from now, can register up to 12 noon on Monday 8th August 2016 providing you  were a member of the union on or before 12th January 2016. . However, if you joined the union after 12th January 2016, you will not be eligible.
  • This probably means that if you joined the party after the January deadline, but were in the union paying the APF , you can still get a ballot paper providing you sign up as an Affiliated Supporter now.




  • Existing GPF Payers – are too late to switch to APF , and therefore too late to sign up as Affiliated Supporters for this Ballot. This is because to sign up as an Affiliated supporter, you must say you are paying money to the party through your union.
  • We still want members to pay to our APF, so you can transfer to this at any time, but it may not secure a vote in this ballot, although may help you  in future ones.
  • We believe there is the opportunity for all people not eligible under the above rules to get a vote by signing up as a Registered Supporter (an option open to all citizens) at a cost of £25. That must be done on the Labour Party web site directly.

If you need any further information please contact 

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