Could you email your MP and ask them for support on the Trade Union Bill?

Published April 14, 2016 at 12:56

MPs will soon be debating the Trade Union Bill again – could you email your MP to ask them to support changes that are vital to the future of trade unions?

Many UNISON members have their union subscriptions taken straight out of their wages, a method known as check-off or ‘DOCAS’ (deductions of contributions at source). This method is efficient and beneficial for both employers and unions, but unless we act now it will be banned.

If that happens UNISON will suddenly have to focus all its resources on making sure our 1.3 million members are signed up to pay by direct debit to ensure they continue to benefit from being in a trade union, which will mean we all have less time to work on the vital campaigns we run, such as fighting for better pay for our members.

Many Conservatives in the House of Commons and the House of Lords are actually against making check-off illegal because they see it as unnecessary and meddlesome. One called it a “bureaucratic abolition of choice”!

A Conservative Lord has tabled an amendment that would mean unions pay the admin costs, but members are allowed to continue paying their subscriptions through their wages. If the Bill is changed by the Lords, we need support from your MP to stop those changes being undone in the House of Commons.

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