Changes to policies

Published November 18, 2015 at 15:22

A NUMBER of changes have been made to policies which will affect Blackburn with Darwen UNISON members.

The Performance Management policy has been adapted to include a new section entitled  Inability to perform the duties of the post.  This is to be used where there is no way an employee can or will be able to undertake their duties.  Checks and balances will be put in place to ensure that no one is unfairly treated.

Where a member of staff joins or leaves part way through a month they will now be entitled to leave if they work for half of the month.  Previously there was no entitlement to leave for the month in which a staff member joined or left , if it was part way through the month.

A final change is that where an employee has been off sick and is unable to take their leave by March 31 because they unwell, they are entitled to a total of 20 days leave in that year.  If someone has already used 10 days they would still have 10 days to take.  There is an agreement now that the staff member can put together a case as to why they should have their whole leave entitlement and each case will be judged on its own merits.  There is no entitlement to reclaim bank holidays.  Unpaid days must be added as these have been paid for.


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