School Crossing Patrols

Published January 17, 2017 at 10:10

UNISON Nationally have been contacted by a journalist at Schools Week re  school crossing patrols –  we would welcome your thoughts on the story  below.

I’m writing a story on school crossing patrols and the growing theme for them to wear body cameras to try and clamp down on dangerous driving near schools. Am I right in believing that your union has many school patrol officers as members?

Here’re some past stories on the body cameras: and

What I’m after is firstly stats for how many accidents happen outside of school gates, plus any more figures that would be relevant such as how many school patrol officers wear body cameras across the country, how many times has footage from these patrols been sent to the police etc.

Does your union have any stats of this kind?

If you would like to share any information or stories please forward to the Branch office.


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